Scuba Diving in Africa

Africa is a massive continent and offers a wide variety in different types of diving. From shore dives to liveaboards and from diving safaris to cage diving with great white sharks. There is a lot on offer, mostly around the Indian Ocean. But where to go?


Let’s start out with the most popular diving destination on the African continent, if not in the world. Egypt has a very long stretch of coastline along the Red Sea where scuba diving is widely practiced. The coastline is dotted with countless options from fancy five-star resorts to small guesthouses all offering affordable and awesome diving.

Another great option to go diving in Egypt is a diving safari. It is said to be a more sustainable and ecological form of tourism and offers you the possibility to travel overland to different villages and enjoy the diving in a more remote area of the country.

The diving itself has lots to offer: vibrant colors, abundance in marine life, good water temperatures and visibility year-round and easily accessible shore diving.

The most popular areas for diving are following:

Sinaï Peninsula: Taba, Dahab, Sharm El-Sheikh

Eastern Desert: Hurghada, El Gouna, Port Safaga, Marsa Alam


Sudan, probably a less traveled country due to the instability in the last years but nonetheless the word goes around that Sudan offers much better diving than Egypt and probably the best diving in the Red Sea. You can see it as going to Egypt but without the hordes of tourists.

The best way to discover the Sudanese underwater world, would probably be by Liveaboard.  

The most popular areas for diving are following:

Liveaboards leaving from Port Sudan can go either North towards Angarosh or South to Darraka near Eritrea.

Tanzania – Zanzibar



South Africa