A couple of years ago I was traveling through the beautiful country of Malaysia and ended up on the small, picture-perfect tropical island of Tioman. The island is located at about 8 hours from Kuala Lumpur (bus+boat) or a very short flight from Singapore with the privately owned company Berjaya Air.

Having arrived on the island, we walked through Tekek, the main village of the island, to the bed and breakfast and arrived at a stunning beach with nothing but a couple of wooden beach huts, a hammock and a small dive center. The views were amazing, the sounds of the jungle behind you and the waves of the sea in front of you gave that typically relaxing sound, making you forget all about the rest of the world. I was taking a walk on the beach and saw some people coming out of the water and explaining how many fish they saw and how great scuba diving is, I decided to start an amazing underwater adventure myself and subscribed for a PADI Open Water Course. From then on, my curiosity turned into almost an obsession.

Beach in Tioman, Malaysia

Beach in Tioman, Malaysia


The first dive, I admit, was a bit awkward and I was doing something my body was not used to. But patience is key. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll experience a an immense sense of freedom and relaxation. Diving is not the dangerous activity some people think it is, You just need to stick to the basic rules and safety guidelines. Stay within the limits and you’ll discover a whole new world in a very safe way. And have fun doing it!

After this first experience and the incredible abundance of marine life around the island of Tioman, I decided to go scuba diving whenever I had the chance. Without any interest in diving in my home country Belgium (you might guess why) I continued to look for affordable, exotic locations to get the most out of my diving experiences. Being exotic countries, diving often comes with the perks of ending your day with a good barbecue and a cold beer on the beach looking at amazing sunsets. There are worse things in life.

Meanwhile it took me to some amazing places around the world and eventually made me conquer the cold waters in Belgium too. A whole different experience without tropical fish and 3 mm shorty wetsuits but probably one of the best options to gain some experience and get confident in the water.

But my travels aren’t all about scuba diving as I don’t intend to travel half of the world and not experience the local culture in a country. I spent hours and hours searching the internet for great places to dive, which are accessible and can be combined with traveling a country, and that made me start this blog and be able to share my travel plans with you guys.

If you have any questions you can always contact me on my website or Facebook and I will be happy to help you out.

Enjoy the reading!